Facilitating the integration of children into the public school system (pre-school, 9-year and high school) – to enable access to quality education

Psycho-social support for children and their families.

Facilitating the professional qualification of young people to empower them to integrate into the labor market.

Facilitating integration into the labor market through cooperation with businesses and individual development of life skills.

Support for the economic empowerment of families through income generation schemes and continuous monitoring.

Facilitating access to vocational training, employment and social integration of girls and women.

Informing / sensitizing the community regarding: Education

Informing / sensitizing the community regarding: Health

Informing / sensitizing the community regarding: Environment

Informing / sensitizing the community regarding: Dialogue with local government

Informing / sensitizing the community regarding: Promotion and preservation of cultural values and coexistence

Family mediation, referral and/or facilitation to access services provided by relevant central and/or local state structures or other specialized national or international organizations such as registration of children in the civil status, inclusion in economic assistance schemes in the municipality, registration in the employment offices as a job seeker, registration in the local health services and the equipment with the relevant health documentation, etc.

Capacity building for household heads and young people to develop business plans and implement sustainable businesses

Qualification, training and capacity building of municipal social workers to provide quality integrated social services for the family, school and community.

Support for the development of Social Care Plans and the improvement of the capacities of municipalities in the planning and management of social services.

Strengthening the capacities of Roma organizations in the field of project management cycle (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation), financial management, advocacy, lobbying, and dialogue with local government.

Strengthening the capacities of teachers and school leaders of the pre-university system regarding children's rights, human rights, managing multicultural schools, friendly community schools, etc.