Call for Consultancy Services

Call for Consultancy Services

        Terms of Reference

Post Title:                               National Consultant to strengthen the capacities of the Government of Albania on monitoring measures on Roma and Egyptian inclusion 2019-2020

Aim:                                        Progress report of the implementation of Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar Recommendations for the 2019-2020 time-period.

Project Title:                          Integrated Social Services for sustainable social and economic development of Roma and others – “Leave No One Behind” Programme

Duty Station:                         Tirana

Duration:                               15 working days

Type of Contract:                  Consultancy contract

Expected starting date:        15 February 2020       

Expected end date:                30 March 2020           


Our “Help for Children” Foundation (NPF) is implementing the project “Integrated Social Services for sustainable social and economic development of Roma and others” which is part of and financed by LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND (LNB) Programme of the UN/UNDP Albania. It aims at increasing social inclusion of Roma and other vulnerable groups by providing support in the field of education to Roma children and by delivering simultaneous social services to their families, including facilitation for vocational education and training (VET), (self-) employment, individual capacity development, interface with local government and other support. Furthermore, the project will assist local governments, including de-concentrated structures to assume knowledge, practical skills and responsibility and discharge more responsive and better-quality social services which will result in reduced vulnerability, inequality and poverty.

Reinforcing the protection of human rights for Roma&Egyptian is among the key priorities on Albania’s EU membership application and it represents one of the conditions for moving ahead on the EU integration path. In December 2018 the 4th Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar on inclusion of Roma and Egyptian communities in the framework of Albania’s European Union integrationwas held in Tirana. As a follow-up to the seminar in 2018, the operational conclusions were accompanied by drafting a set of measures following recommendations , to be taken in the next two years 2019-2020, in the respective areas.


Currently, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which has under its responsibility the development of policies for the inclusion of R&E communities, has begun the process of drafting a report for 2019-2020 progress of measures provided in implementation of the recommendations of the 2018 seminar. This report aims to inform about actions taken, how much they have influenced the progress of R&E social inclusion in Albania as well as the problems encountered at national and local level.

This call is intended to select a national consultant to assist MoHSP in this process. The consultant under the direct supervision of  NPF Project Manager and in close cooperation with MoHSP, line ministries and other stakeholders will support MoHSP to prepare progress report of the implementation of Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar Recommendations on Roma/ Egyptians for the 2019-2020 time-period.  

In particular, the national consultant will be responsible for: 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Through desk review become familiar with:
  2. The past Roma Strategy and Action Plans for Roma and Egyptian integration,
  3. Political recommendations of the Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar as well as the key related policy documents (including but not limited to National Strategy for Development and Integration (2016-2020 and the one under development),
  4. Social Inclusion Policy Document (2016-2020 and the one under development),
  5. Social Protection Strategy (2015-2020) and Social Protection Action Plane (2020-2022),
  6. National Health Strategy 2016-2020 (primary care / universal health care) etc. to identify challenges and lessons learned from formulation of vision, targets and indicators to implementation and monitoring, analysing the funding sources, accountability as well as reporting and monitoring.
  7. Support the technical staff of MoHSP to collect information from line Ministries, local governments and related institutions during the process of consultations and drafting of the progress report for 2019-2020 of the Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar Recommendations.
  8. Analyse information provided by various line Ministries and other stakeholders as related to Roma/ Egyptian foreseen measures in the Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar Recommendations.
  9. Meet local government representatives and guide consultation to gather feedback on the report.
  10. Draft the progress report of the implementation of Albania-EU Policy Dialogue Seminar Recommendations for the 2019-2020 time-period.
  11. Get feedback from MoHSP and consolidate the findings.


The work is expected to start on 15 February and be completed by 30 March 2021, altogether 15 working days.

Expected Outputs and Deliverables:

1.Methodology and evaluation matrix    Consultant develops the methodology approach for writing the reportNo later than 1 week from the start of the contract
2.Meeting with NFP Executive Director and relevant staff  Receiving information on relevant documents and stakeholders No later than 1 week from the start of the contract  
3.Implement interviews with relevant stakeholdersCollect and analyse relevant info and dataNo later that first week of March
4.Develop the first draft reportDraft report consolidated enough to be consulted with local governmentNo later than 18 March
5.Meet local government representatives and guide consultation to gather feedback on the report.  Collect feedback from LG; incorporate it in the reportNo later than 23 March
6Get feedback from MoHSP and NPF; consolidate the findings.  Finalize the report and deliver it to NPFNo later than 30 March


  • At least 5 years of experience in social inclusion consultancy services and monitoring and evaluation;
  • Demonstrated experience in development projects;
  • Proven research and analytical skills using combined methods;
  • Ability to present findings to different stakeholders;
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Recruitment Qualifications


  • Post-graduate degree in social sciences, or related field. A PhD will be an advantage.

Work experience

  • Knowledge and proven working experience on social inclusion / social protection or related policies and programmes;
  • Substantial experience on monitoring and evaluation of social inclusion programmes;
  • Excellent drafting skills and familiarity with information technology;


  • Excellent communication and report-writing skills in English and Albanian.

In case you you think you fulfill the above criteria please send your CV and one motivation letter to: Fondacioni “Ndihme pe“ Femijet”,  E-mail: NPFTirana@icc-al.org or by post mail at Rr. Anastas Kullarioti, Nr. 13, V.265 by the latest 10 Feb. 2021.

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